The Fast Light OSS

Unlike many of our competitors we see software as a vital tool for our customers rather than an ongoing revenue stream for ourselves. UTEL can supply a complete stand alone Fast Light OSS with all of the software tools needed to build and run a PON network or we can supply tailored modules to compliment a customer's existing OSS. Alternatively we can just provide APIs for our hardware to enable our customers to write their own software. We are happy to optimise our offering to precisely meet specific customer requirements

The Fast Light OSS provides a complete fibre PON management framework, which will enable network operators to plan, build and maintain high quality PON networks at minimal cost. Fastlight will also automatically check the transmission quality of every PON connection to every customer every day as a background task a 21st Century version of "night routining". This enables Fibre faults to be identified and repaired before they become service affecting.

Fast Light OSS