The Fast Light Optical Test Access Switch

UTEL can currently provide switches with a 36 Port and a 50 Port sizes. The 36-port switch can provide optical test access for up to 2304 customers in a 64 split network. The 50-port switch caters for up to 3200 customers. Larger switches can be built by simply daisy-chaining additional Switch Modules into the matrix. Up to a 160,000 customers can be serviced by a single two-stage switch matrix made up of 50-port switches.

All of the Fast Light optical test access switches are of a robotic design, which provides a cost effective robust solution. Extensive life testing has shown that these switches can perform million operations without significant degeneration of the optical path. So taking the case of night routining, where every fibre is tested every day the design is good for a 25 year service life.

The Fast Light Optical Test Access Switch

The Fast Light optical switch uses robotic technology to provide low optical loss test access connectivity at low cost. Switches can be supplied with integrated optical cleaning stations for maximum whole life performance. The standard switch configuration is 48 to 1 with 3 expansion ports. Expansion ports can be used to connect additional switches to provide up to 144 to 1 connectivity. Alternatively the switches can be cascaded to build individual test access matrices capable of accessing more than two thousand individual fibres. The switch modules are directly controlled by the Fast Light OTDR over a proprietary interface. Customer fibres are intercepted at the OLT port using WDMs or 2x2 splitters. The switches can also be used to provide instant service restoration in the event of an OLT port failure.

Outline Technical Specification

  • Insertion loss: 0.2dB (typ)
  • Cross Talk: Zero (total optical isolation)
  • Connectivity: SC APC connectors
  • Supply Voltage: -48V DC
  • Power Requirement: 50W peak, 0.5W typical
  • Service Life: 500.000 connections (typ)