Unique Fast Light Benefits

Fast Light is the first central office OTDR fibre test system that can reliably detect ONT reflections through 128 split PONs without needing wavelength dependent reflectors fitted at the ONTs. This incredible measurement capability is only possible because of UTEL's revolutionary Advanced Reflection Detection (ARD) technology which sets a new global benchmark for OTDR performance.

The Fast Light OTDR probe also features an integrated modular Optical Test Access Switch that can be flexibly scaled for all Central Officess from rural exchanges to metro nodes.

Fast Light provides truly staggering levels of savings, as it works without needing wavelength dependent reflectors to be fitted at the ONTs. These reflectors typically cost 20 Euros per customer! Fast Light therefore reduces Central Office PON testing costs by over 90% compared to existing solutions making business cases a 'no brainer'.

Fast Light already pays for itself during the PON installation project phase. It can be used to automatically sign off the optical transmission quality of PON networks as they are built. Fastlight compares the measured optical losses and reflections to an expected response trace model built from the planned network data and reports exceptions. This is an incredibly powerful facility as it enables installation defects to be identified automatically before installation contractors are paid!

Using Fast Light, Network Operators can build high quality PON networks at minimum cost, while at the same time consistantly mapping their individual PONs into a database to facilitate future remedial work. This provides an optimal framework for FTTH service provision.

In service; Fast Light revolutionises PON faulting. It eliminates the conventional manual fault finding processes along with the skilled technicians, the truck roles and the costly hand held OTDRs that were previously required to fault PONs. Fast Light's high level of intelligent automation enables low skillled call centre operatives to launch tests and pinpoint fibre faults in about a Minute. This task would previously have required hours or even days of skilled field technician time.

Fast Light not only locates the fibre break related to a specific customer complaint but also automatically identifies all other customers that are affected. This enables the customer fault reception centre database to be pre-armed with the positive message that 'the fault has been identified and that remedial work is already under way'. Affected customers are spared the painful fault reporting check sequence. Fault reception transaction times, are cut from Minutes to Seconds and customers leave the call feeling HAPPY! Fault reception staff are equally happy as they have the tools needed to help their customers. Instead of potentially generating 64 trouble tickets, each requiring field faulting there is now only one and Fast Light has already accurately located the fault!

Fast Light dramatically cuts OpEx and improves customer service but most importantly it shines a light on the fibre network enabling the service provider to make informed maintenance decisions. It can truly be said that without Fast Light there is only darkness!

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